Time for a fresh perspective as Paragon launches SpaceologyTM

Paragon Interiors Group Plc

Be honest, look around you, how often do you sit at your desk?

What about that fancy meeting room? When did you last see the team ACTUALLY hold a strategy session in there? Looks nice though, can’t deny that!

However, good design isn’t all about the looks, it is about performance. This is the first time in history that 5 generations have worked together, all with different wants, needs, desires and expectations. Given this variety, how do we make sure that our workplaces actually work for everyone?

That’s why we’ve launched SpaceologyTM, a new concept that we believe will transform the way organisations view their workplaces.

SpaceologyTM, takes a forensic approach to your current or planned use of space, to ensure that it is the best fit for current and future working practices and that you are making the best use of this critical and often scarce resource.

Steve Dobson, Head of Spaceology explains;

There can often be something of a blind spot when it comes to the actual utilisation of space to best effect. There isn’t a one-size- fits-all solution here but that is what we often encounter before we begin a project. X amount of people should not equate to Y amount of space, it is how that space actually performs, or indeed doesn’t perform, that is critical.

We wanted to be able to offer a service that is of real value and takes the guess work out of the process. The team and I are excited because we’ve been able to take our experience of working on a huge variety of projects in terms of size and scope and distill it down into a robust process that we know can add real value right from the start of a project.’

SpaceologyTM is available as a standalone service from Paragon’s award-winning design team.

Paragon CEO Gary Perry concludes;

The truth is, we know there is no blueprint for a’ smart’ workplace. There is no checklist or silver

bullet. With SpaceologyTM, clients can access our strategic insight well ahead of any intended project and start to make decisions based on sound information that can make a real difference to their organisations.’

Now, we really do need to talk about that ‘executive’ library…