Working Environment & Workplace Strategy

With sixty five per cent of stress occurring as a result of the working environment, it’s not surprising that organisations are taking a serious look at ways to improve their working environment.

Stress can cause low morale, reduced performance and possibly days lost through illness which may result in a significant loss.

Flexible working solutions mean that desk-shares, home workers and mobile employees can access all resources within your organisation. By analysing what employees are doing, where and how they’re doing it and how much time they spend, Paragon can tailor a solution that will work most effectively for you.


Cooper Parry

How can you work more efficiently and smarter? Could you work outside of the office and then come in and work at hot desks? Could you configure your space to allow more staff to use it at busier times?

Once we have identified your requirements we can plan the most appropriate environments, taking into account everything from cultural and branding issues to technology and facilities management.

We cover everything from real estate portfolio assessment, planning criteria and building appraisals to DDA/ accessibility assessments, design development, space programming and workplace design guidelines.