Office Furniture Sourcing, Ordering, Supply, Installation and Support


Office furniture products are extensively sourced from trusted global brand partners and equally from sustainable UK manufacturers whom work with the leading European office furniture design community. Offering both high end quality desking and alternative working solutions, whilst also remaining adaptable enough to offer a quick-ship and cost effective solution when required. Steelcase furniture tier 1 supply partner.

We always strive to offer the most tailor made, flexible solution available in the regional market.

Office Furniture

Office Furniture

A new facility invigorates an organisation, improves morale and increases productivity.  But when the move goes badly, you can lose that momentum.  Our Workplace Transformation Team was created to help eliminate hassles, get you up and running in record time, and minimise costs.  We let you get back to business while we manage your move.

Moves can be phased, or done after hours, overnight or on weekends.  Our team coordinates the entire event.  We ensure that the building is notified, the contents are “move ready”, and the folks managing the technology are alerted for the “take down” and “re-install”.

The first day employees occupy their new home, we bring a team of installers and technicians with us to make on-the-spot adjustments and solve the little problems to help make a good moving experience, a great experience.

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