Laboratory Design – making space more efficient

Safe laboratory design’s are only attained when the design is single-mindedly engineered according to health and safety protection standards. These standards are essential for the orderly storage of toxic gases and liquids, hazardous solids, unstable chemicals, ionising and non-ionising radiation sources, as well as other artificially-created biohazards.

We welcome and adhere to the ISO 14644 and EU GMP standards on cleanroom design, construction and operation. All too often, health and safety considerations are overlooked or slighted and are not sufficiently incorporated into designs.

R&D Laboratory Design by Paragon Interiors

These laboratory guidelines are undoubtedly invaluable, especially for those with limited experience within the sector and provide a very useful basis for a project. However, expertise and tangible experience is just as critical, with every environment and customer bringing new and exciting challenges to the table.

Whether the brief is for Category 1 and 2 laboratory design’s for a FTSE-listed giant such as Renovo Plc, or a smaller suite of labs within a Science Park, we have the expertise to deliver from design to completion.

The Pharmaceutical sector is now recognised as a major growth area for us, with further projects scheduled and the fit-out for Nanoco Technologies Ltd now complete.

Please visit our gallery here for further examples of laboratory design projects completed by the team.