Paragon puts customers first to transform Strata HQ

Paragon Interiors Group Plc

A shared culture that places customers at the heart of the business has seen Paragon complete a £1.8m refurbishment for design-led housebuilder and lifestyle brand Strata, at their Lakeside headquarters in Doncaster.

Strata will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year and with such longevity and history has a culture that is steeped in customer service. However, whilst traditional values are key, this is a very modern and innovative business, and they were keen to reflect that in their own home. Paragon were brought in to give the three-story building a stunning makeover, creating open-plan offices with a floor-to-ceiling wall overlooking the nearby lake whilst transforming the top floor of the building, which now serves as ‘loft’ space, where architects and creatives can share ideas and discuss trends.

Reflecting on the refurbishment, Strata’s Chief Executive Andrew Weaver said “It was three very different floors, generating three very different atmospheres. We were ready for transformation, and Paragon helped us get there quickly”

“We’ve made sure there’s a free-flow of movement between the three floors, as well as on the floors themselves, so hugely transformative”

Meanwhile, the second level is an open-plan office space, whilst the ground floor is devoted to encouraging interactive customer engagement.

Paragon CEO Gary Perry believes both businesses share a philosophy that places customers at the heart of the process and has been delighted to be working alongside such a forward-thinking organisation.

Gary said: “Strata and Paragon are in similar industries, construction related, and we both have exceptional design at the core of our offering. The key to success is putting the customer first.

“Strata has a fantastic reputation for customer service and that is no accident, it is embedded deep within its culture. Our design has ensured that their values are reflected and even enhanced, creating a new office for this fantastic business.”