Another stunning project delivered to another happy client.

The team at Paragon Interiors Group PLC recently completed and handed over a stunning project for a global tech client of ours.

Why not take a look around the space for yourself here:


Paragon puts customers first to transform strata HQ

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Paragon Interiors have delivered another stunning refurbishment for housebuilder and lifestyle brand Strata Homes’ HQ in Doncaster. Reflecting on their history and culture, the result is a wonderful space for creatives, architects and customers.

Where Every Detail Matters

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Anyone who has ever worked with us, for us or hired us knows one thing – we are incredibly proud of our family values.

It might sound curious coming from a small business but we think it gets right to the heart of the matter. It is in our DNA.

So what are Paragon’s family values?

We are reassuringly Committed and refreshingly Creative. We act at all times with the deepest Integrity and are engagingly Passionate. Above all, we are irresistibly Fun to work with.

Paragon is so much more than a great team. We are a cohesive, passionate and intensely loyal unit built on trust. We are, in essence, a family.

Please take a moment to view this short film that encapsulates all that we hold dear within our organisation. It is an ethos that has seen us win awards and accolades from the very top but more crucially, it is an ethos that ensures we exceed expectations time and again.