CEO Sleepout to raise over £50,000 as local business owners pitch up at Notts County FC

Paragon Interiors Group Plc

Over 100 local business owners, including some familiar faces from within Paragon HQ, spent a night under the stars last night in a bid to raise funds for some of the city’s most vulnerable people.

CEO Sleepout’ is an exclusive event which allows Britain’s top business leaders to demonstrate their commitment to tackling the nation’s homeless crisis. Last night’s sleep out in Nottingham will raise funds for local homeless charities Emmanuel House and The Friary.

Chairman of Paragon, Alan Hardy, who is also the owner of Notts County FC, where the event took place for the second year running, was joined by over 100 other local business owners and leaders including Paragon CEO Gary Perry.

Speaking ahead of spending a chilly autumnal night under the stars, Alan said he hoped the sleepout would be a “catalyst” for change;

Nottingham is a thriving, prosperous and exciting place to live for the majority but, sadly, for some it is an unimaginable daily struggle.

I find it absolutely staggering that in 2017 we find ourselves in a situation where we still have homeless people on the streets. That has to change and hopefully the CEO Sleepout will be the catalyst which makes people wake up and realise we have to support those who have no homes.

I feel that society and the community as a whole has to come up with a solution to this problem we have. The CEO Sleepout is a wonderful initiative in that respect. We raised almost £50,000 last year, which was a brilliant effort and we look on track to surpass that this year which is fantastic.”

So far, Alan and Gary have helped to raise over £3000 but hope to raise further funds with one last push.

Gary said;

Homelessness & poverty are forever on the increase, and unfortunately for many, homelessness is due to circumstances beyond their control and they would like nothing better than to be at work.

Alan and I are both back at our desks today and acutely aware of the good fortune that we have and are keen to do all we can to raise awareness and further funds for this great cause. I would like to thank everyone who took part last night and to those behind the scenes who have worked so tirelessly to make the event such a success.’