Plexal Innovation Centre, Here East London


Size: 68,000 sq ft

Value: £9.3m

Duration: 23 Weeks

Project: Conversion of existing Press Office to create a high tech innovation centre.

Contract: JCT Design & Build Contract


Create a space to host a state-of-the art prototyping/tech laboratory as well as individual, flexible offices, to cater for basic co-working as well as private offices to house up to thirty people. As part of the design an events stage, public open “collaboration spaces” and a “high street”, complete with cafe’s and retail outlets, were also incorporated.


The innovation centre will offer a full range of services including bespoke accelerator and corporate innovation programmes, practical entrepreneurship courses for post-graduate students, prototyping facilities, a suite of back-office and professional services, financing options and a   state-of-the art technology lab. These services will support entrepreneurs scaling their businesses, as well as helping corporates realise and incubate new ideas.

All of this, situated in a beautiful, flexible and healthful working space, amongst an active community focused on making life better through technology.

It will go beyond what other start up hubs like WeWork and TechHub offer, by providing access to Lawyers, PR Specialists, Accountants and Recruiters. It will also offer equipment such a s 3D Printers and Laser Cutters.

Business Insider UK