Manheim, Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire


Size: 80,000 sq ft

Value: £1.4m

Duration: 16 Weeks

Project: New car auction warehouse

Contract: JCT Design & Build Contract


Transformation of former hangar of the B52 bomber within the Bruntingthorpe aerodrome into the first internal car auction venue within the UK. The scope of works included the reconfiguration of some auxiliary workshops into an office, showroom, canteen and computerised auction suite. We formed a new mezzanine floor encased with plant and equipment fitted to the roof.



The purpose of the venue was to allow over 150 cars to drive through automated fast action doors into the hangar where they are filtered into two auction lanes. The vehicles would be parked there for no more than three minutes where specialist lighting rigs and ramps allowed the vendors to view the vehicles while an auctioneer processed the sale through a blend of on-site and internet based customers.

The arena was specially designed with fume extraction, complex lighting, IT and technology interfaces and is a temperature controlled environment. The transformation of the hangar included the re-cladding of the entire perimeter, including wrapping of 15 metre high rolling doors, which were part of the original building fabric.

The change in use of this building from a dilapidated storage facility into a high-tech customer facing arena was by far the greatest challenge, particularly because the building was protected under a historical interest.