Coventry Building Society, Compton Court


Size: 5,000 sq ft

Value: £400k

Duration: 4 weeks

Project: Reconfiguration of first floor office

Contract: JCT Design & Build


Reconfiguration and refit of first floor area with workplace consultancy,conceptual design and M&E alterations to suit new proposed new layout.



We provided workplace consultancy and advice from our Spaceology expert to determine the best ways of working to create a more efficient office space for staff i.e. reducing desks 60:40 and offering a variety of different areas for staff to choose how they work dependent upon their task.

The new space incorporates 6 banks of traditional desks, 1:1 meeting points, sofas and pods, a large meeting room and breakout kitchen.

This is a pilot scheme with the clients intention being to roll out the same contemporary design, with new corporate branding throughout their estate.