Anglia Ruskin University, Compass House,
Science Learning Centre


Size: 35,000sq ft

Value: £3.5m

Duration: 20 Weeks

Project: Refurbishment

Contract: JCT Design & Build Contract


To transformation three floors of Compass House to create a stimulating and vibrant environment for all users of the new building.

Paragon were originally called in two years ago to create a new student cafe area for the university, quickly demonstrating our ability to work to tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

Due to our successful partnership, we were invited to tender for this major new science learning facility. The science centre supports changing teaching styles, and provides a 200 seat bio-science laboratory and a 300-seat lecture theatre.

The gaming, music technology and sports students benefit from development laboratories for computer science, digital systems, design labs, video labs and two lecture theatres.
We were also asked to form a new infill to the existing undercroft car park to increase the usable floor area, alongside the building of an extension to house a sports laboratory.




Following our appointment, we rapidly entered the design and development phase, completing site investigations, planning consultation and validation of services. We also led the full architectural and M&E design of the project.

Having successfully delivered a new student café area for the university, that demonstrated our ability to work to tight deadlines, without compromising on quality, we were invited to tender for the Compass House project.

As well as a full refurbishment and fit-out, an existing undercroft car park was in-filled and an extension was built, to house a sports laboratory, all to increase the usable floor area.

Acoustics and their eventual performance was a key concern for Anglia Ruskin. We enhanced the installation with the use of Autex Acoustic material and encapsulated the services. This allowed effective absorption and reduction of sound within certain areas of the facility.

The conversion of the undercroft to bio laboratories required extensive groundworks in a confined space with difficult access and egress logistics. Our contracts manager, in conjunction with our in-house health & safety advisor, devised site specific risk assessments and method statements to ensure the works were carried out to the highest safety standards.