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Mission Statements, Vision Statements, Customer Value Propositions - maybe just 5 years ago, the vast majority of business owners would have a blank look. Fast forward and these terms are all perched high in the business jargon library, eagerly latched onto and embraced by more forward thinking businesses. However, fine words mean nothing if they are not felt with a burning passion. Brainstorming with the management team may generate a host of ideas but in order to actually work, these exercises have to come from deep within the heart of the organisation. They need to be FELT. We’re talking about the soul of your business - we’re talking about company culture.

Anyone who has ever worked with us, for us or hired us knows one thing - we are incredibly proud of what we call our values & ethos. It might sound curious coming from a medium sized business employing over 150 people, but we think it gets right to the heart of the matter. These values are what helps us to attract and retain the top talent from within our sector and in turn enable us to work with the best customers. Coming to work is a huge part of everybody's life. If you only offer someone a “job” you will struggle to inspire them and get the very best out of them. Offer them an experience, both in terms of their working environment (our speciality) and in respect to developing their career and you begin to build something very special.

Understanding and embracing this approach has transformed our business over the last decade, leading to numerous awards and accolades and more crucially, winning fantastic customers. Like attracts like - whether you are a star footballer or an actor, the best want to perform with the best. However, to get the very best out of them, you need to build, develop and nurture that unit.

Paragon is so much more than a great team. We are a cohesive, passionate and intensely loyal unit built on trust. We look out for each other, we build strong bonds and we commiserate and of course celebrate together.

To get a glimpse of what makes us different, please take a moment to view this short film that encapsulates all that we hold dear within our organisation.

Alan Hardy
Chief Executive

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Market Leading Interiors and Refurbishment Specialists

Paragon Interiors Group plc is the leading UK specialist in contemporary commercial interior design, build and office fit out, with over 25 years experience in this industry.

From conception right through to the completion of the project, our professional designers, workplace consultants and office fit-out experts work closely with clients in transforming their workplace so it is optimised for productivity as well as being aesthetically appealing to reflect the brand image of the business.

Headquartered in Nottingham, we have a portfolio of international blue chip clients including Jaguar Land Rover, Adidas, O2, Deloittes and Loughborough University.

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We have in-depth sector expertise spanning the public and private sectors, while we are able to cover specialist areas including retail interiors, corporate headquarters and office space, research and development R&D Laboratory Design, engineering and manufacturing environments, plus specialist healthcare interiors too.

As one of the market leading office fit out and refurbishment companies in the UK, speak to us and see how we can help to create a professional look and feel to your office, laboratory, retail outlet or any other workplace, with a professional fit-out from the industry experts.

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